**As of October 9th, Paper Bag Pizza is closed in Portland. Our family is relocating and taking the cart with us! Perhaps one day there will be Paper Bag Pizza 2.0… stay tuned and thanks for all our wonderful customers and a successful business for the last 2 years!**

Paper Bag Pizza is a family run business owned by partners Tom Daly and Emily Goodman. You will often also see our kids Hazel and Harold “helping out” around the cart.

We do our best to source what we think are the absolute best ingredients. We use organic and local products whenever possible. We make our own sausage, meatballs, guanciale ¬†and pancetta. We use Shepherd’s Grain flour which is sustainably grown, non gmo wheat, grown right here in the Pacific Northwest. Our dough is naturally leavened, making for the perfectly, only slightly sour, crispy crust.

We really look forward to meeting our customers and serving up the best pie possible!